If you're like me, and grew up with Harry Potter, you'll most likely have trouble picturing him in a different context - he's forever married to being stuck in suburban England, only to be trusted into a magical world beyond any reasoning, and worthy of only the biggest CGI budget Hollywood can offer.

However, for local writer Michael Kmack, it was easy to re-contextualize Harry and friends in our humble home state of Maine. The article, posted on wcsh6.com in honor of the first book's 20th anniversary, imagines Harry receiving a letter of acceptance from the Downeast Spellcaster Academy, in lieu of the (now much grosser sunding) Hogwarts. He would then depart on a ferry from Pier 9 3/4, and much on whoopie pies the whole way to school. One thing magic can't cure? Cavities.

For the full article, which we have to say is wonderfully creative, head over to wcsh6.com, or click right here. Happy 20th anniversary, Harry Potter! We have a feeling that even though the books and films are done, this is only the beginning.

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