For more than 2 years, I ignored what is now my favorite spot to get delicious sandwiches in Portland. Call me bitter, but when the D'Angelo's location closed down at 1124 Forest Ave, I thought I would never return. One day I was sitting at work, listening to two co-workers discuss the amazing pulled pork sandwiches they devoured the night before at a place called Po' Boys and Pickles. I had driven past this place on my way home almost every day, and as my mouth was watering listening to their descriptions, I decided I would give it a shot. And I've never looked back.

My personal favorite at this sandwich heaven is the Big Chief. Slow roasted beef, gravy, jack cheese, creole mustard and mayo topped with some roasted peppers and onions. I can't even write about it without craving one. I'm actually still mad at myself for ignoring this incredible place with incredible sandwiches for so long. Since discovering the Big Chief, I've tried some of their other amazing options including the pulled pork, the dirty bird and the cheeseburger po' boy. (sorry, I don't do seafood but their seafood options smell amazing)

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I'm not the first person to rant and rave about Po' Boys and Pickles. They've been voted Portland's best sandwich destination by the Portland Phoenix. They have a 4.5 out of 5 star rating on Yelp. Get there and try their offerings, you won't regret it!

Is there some place or some specific sandwich in Portland that you just can't live without? That you talk about with your friends and family like it's part of your friends and family?