If you're taking a stroll down Congress Street in downtown Portland and happen to see a pedestrian sign that looks a little off, well, you're not alone.

A few photos have been snapped, including the one above on Instagram from liz.c.hanlon, and a few weird looks have been given to this street sign in Portland that seems to be warning everyone of lizard people. Perhaps it was put there by lizard people who wanted to inform the public that they will be slithering across this one specific crosswalk each time they cross Congress Street. We can't confirm that to be true.

What we really appreciate about this sign is the painstaking detail. Lizardy hands, lizardy feet and what really seals the deal, so you KNOW you're dealing with some mean, lizard company, is that long lizardy tongue. That's what you're going to see if you're a drive and know you've got to SLOW DOWN.

So keep your eyes peeled, just when you thought every tourist on planet earth has visited Portland, the game gets upped. Lizard people, the new money maker.

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