Today is Pi day, honoring the irrational mathematical number 3.14159265... because it's 03/14! It's a day to discover how many decimals of Pi all your friends and coworkers know, and to hit up local pizzerias and bakeries for free and discounted pies!

Here are some places in Maine that you can get sweet (and savory!) savings on celebratory pies:

Two Fat Cats Bakery - Ship a small or large blueberry Pi pie at a discount from their website!

7-Eleven - Order a whole pizza via 7-Eleven's 7NOW for $3.14. Your first three deliveries when you start an account are free. In-store, you can get a slice of pizza for 50 cents if you're a 7Rewards member. (You also get a bunch of bonus points if you order the whole pizza in-store.)

Blaze Pizza - If you're near Bangor, buy through the chain's app and you can get a pizza for $3.14.

UNO Pizzeria - Get a pizza to go, and the second pizza is just $6 (prices may vary by location)

Villa Italian Kitchen - Get a full-size Neapolitan Cheese pizza for $3.14 at more than 200 locations by using this coupon!

Whole Foods - Get $3.14 off a whole large bakery pie while supplies last.

Plated - First-time subscribers can get free dessert for a year from the meal subscription service in celebration of Pi Day. Use the code "PiDay" today only and add dessert at no cost to each order for a year.

Portland Pie Company - Pay only $3.14 for any 10" pizza from 11am-4pm. Dine-in only, one per person.

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