Matt Rife has come under fire for his apparent uncalled for comments that he made to a six-year-old child.

On Saturday (Dec. 9), viral TikToker Bunny Hedaya posted a video where she began by saying, "Matt Rife has decided to start beef with my six-year-old child online." She also shared a screenshot of what the controversial comedian apparently wrote in response to her son's TikTok reaction to a portion of his standup.

In Rife's new Netflix standup special, Natural Selection, he joked about people who were into astrology and crystals.

"I am so tired of you ladies blaming your poor decision-making skills on planets that don't even know you... Your future is determined by your own thoughts, opinions, and actions. You are in complete control of how your future turns out," Rife said.

"It has nothing to do with the stars, man. Just because Jupiter has a ring and you don't doesn't mean that's what you're supposed to look up to for this magical advice," he added.

Hedaya's son reacted to Rife's bit of planetary knowledge from Netflix's clip. "Actually, it's Saturn that has the rings. It has more [visible rings] also," her son shared. "And, you're mean to girls," he added, seemingly a reference to Rife's earlier jokes in the special regarding domestic violence. Bunny said that his stitch with Netflix's TikTok was intended to be "lighthearted," and Rife was never tagged in the video.

"Jupiter also has [a] ring. OH!... and Santa [Claus] isn't real," Rife apparently responded via Instagram. "Your mom buys you presents with the money she makes on OnlyFans. Good luck." Hedaya noted that people "don't pay for my looks" on the pay for content platform.

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