A new study conducted by eBikes.org reveals which artists, songs and genres are the most popular on Spotify's cycling playlists and it turns out that rock and metal are quite popular with those pedaling away on bicycles.

To tabulate the results, the study was done by analyzing every single playlist that exists on Spotify that contains the words "bike," "biking" and "cycling." Additionally, 1,000 cyclists were surveyed and asked about their "listening habits."

Once the data was compiled, the results were broken down into several categories, including top songs, top artists and top genres on cycling playlists.

Below, we highlight the rock and metal artists who appear in each of the aforementioned categories.

Top Songs in Spotify Cycling Playlists

Out of the Top 25 spots, rock/metal claims a whopping 18, including the entire Top 5, which is comprised of timeless hits by AC/DC, Creedence Clearwater Revival and Guns N' Roses. AC/DC's "Thunderstruck," "Highway to Hell" and "Back in Black" occupy three of the first four in the ranking below.

Other rock and metal songs that are popular on cycling playlists are by Ozzy Osbourne, Nirvana, Journey, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Linkin Park, Metallica, The White Stripes, Papa Roach, Motley Crue, Disturbed, The Eagles and The Killers.

"Thunderstruck" is also the most popular track on CrossFit playlists.


Top Artists in Spotify Cycling Playlists

While rock/metal overwhelmed the songs chart, it didn't fare quite as well when it comes to the Top Artists on cycling playlists on Spotify.

Rap/hip-hop took the first four slots in this category, with AC/DC representing at No. 5 overall. Metallica come in at No. 16, with Five Finger Death Punch at No. 18, Linkin Park at No. 20 and Queen, who famously authored the song "Bicycle Race," capping it off at No. 25.


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Top Genres in Spotify Cycling Playlists

Rap/hip-hop and rock music account for nearly 50 percent of genre representation on cycling playlists, with rock wielding a 23 percent share. Metal, meanwhile, places fourth (behind pop at No. 3) with 12 percent representation.

When it comes to both running and CrossFit playlists, rock and metal placed fourth and fifth, respectively. As for lifting weights, metal was second and rock was third, as seen below.


See All Results of the Study

Head here to see the entire study.

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