Sometimes, we underestimate the importance of really getting away from the office or worksite during lunch.  Instead, we eat leftovers or a cup of ramen noodles at our desk.  Right?

Stop it!

You deserve to take a real lunch break away from the office, the store, or the garage.  We're not talking about taking a quick spin through the drive-thru, either.  You need to actually sit down and enjoy your lunch.

We're pretty sure we have found the perfect place to do that in the Augusta, Maine area.

You may not realize this, but during a recent renovation, a cool feature was added to the Hannaford store on Whitten Road in Augusta.  They added a legit cafe to the store!  Well, we're not sure what they call it, but we'd call it a cafe.

When you walk in the door, just bang a right, and head in the direction of the store's deli.  In addition to the bakery items, cold cuts, bulk cheese, etc you'll find a wing bar, hot foods (like fajita chicken and General Tso's Chicken), wood-fired pizza by the slice, and a salad bar.

They even have a guy making fresh stir-fried meals!  Just pick out what you want, bring it over to him, and he'll cook it up!  It's kind of like a mini hibachi grill.

Once you get your food and pay for it, you can have a seat in the dining area.  There are tables, counters, and chairs.  There is even a station with silverware, napkins, and a microwave (on the chance you decided to go with a frozen meal for lunch).

Cooper Fox
Cooper Fox

If you are an Uber driver, taxi driver, traveling salesperson, or another job that has you on the road all day, it is a great place to take a break.  The "dining room" also has a TV and plenty of plugs for charging your devices.

You can learn more about the hundreds of Hannaford locations across New England on their website.

How many other Hannaford locations have this or something like it?  Let us know by messaging us inside our app.

On a personal note, one of the things I miss most from my time living in Erie, PA was the fact that the Giant Eagle grocery stores in the city all had very similar cafes.  They were a great place to have a quick lunch before you did your grocery shopping.

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