If you follow the news, you have probably heard that despite being the highest office in the state, Maine governors are far from being the highest paid state employee.  Even though it has been discussed in the legislature, the annual salary for the Maine governor still sits at $70,000.  The last time the governor's salary increased was in 1985.

Who are the highest paid state employees in Maine, what positions do they hold, and how much do they make?

According to a WGME article, the Maine Department of Administrative and Financial Services has released the payroll information for the highest paid employees in the state of Maine.

It should not be a big surprise that the highest paid employees in the state are medical doctors and psychiatrists.  Many of those highest paid employees work for the Department of Health & Human Services.

Even though it was somewhat surprising to see so many members of law enforcement on the list, it makes perfect sense.  Like many businesses and organizations, law enforcement agencies are struggling to find enough employees.  As a result, many members of the Maine State Police are working a significant amount of overtime.  As you'll see, in some cases, more money was made in overtime than in base salary.  Honestly, we appreciate the fact these men and women have stepped up to work to overtime and are glad they are getting the financial benefits.

courtesy of Maine State Police Facebook
courtesy of Maine State Police Facebook

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