Rita Ferreira, a native of Angola, experienced an exciting moment when the Lewiston City Council approved the liquor license for her new restaurant, Food Taste. This happened on December 5 and after they concluded their vote, Rita let out a scream of joy that made the whole place break out into cheerful applause.

I am confident in saying the council won't ever forget that joyful moment.

You can watch the vote here. This happens at roughly 48 minutes into the council meeting.

So, it looks like Lewiston is going to be welcoming yes another delicious new restaurant.

As reported by the Sun Journal, the restaurant will be located at 413 Main St, which was previously the location of Yvette's Cocina.

Because after Rita received the liquor license approval, she revealed her plans to open a Brazilian-style steakhouse, known as a churrascaria.

This steakhouse will feature buffet-style service, two dining rooms, and seating for 50, according to the article.

Rita has experience in the food industry running a restaurant in Luanda, according to the article.

According to the article, while awaiting final licensing approvals from the state and city, Rita is looking to open in the new year. Food Taste will offer lunch and dinner seven days a week.

Being a resident of Lewiston, I'm thrilled to explore new dining options.

Lewiston food and dining has experienced a surge, and it's so fun to welcome new locally owned spots to try out!

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