There's a store that's taken the world by storm, and its name is Five Below. Whether we care to admit it or not, many of us find ourselves hooked. Sure, the prices are affordable, but it's not your typical dollar store. Five Below offers a wide array of items that go beyond the ordinary, making it a shopping destination worth exploring.

You'll be happy to see that a new Five Below is going to be putting in roots next to Hobby Lobby in Waterville this year.

The location is perfect for the shoppers. Hobby Lobby is located at 130 Elm Plaza in Waterville, and it's going in next door, according to a photo taken by Nikkia Vear, who noticed the "Coming Soon 2024" banner.

Nikkie Vear via Facebook
Nikkie Vear via Facebook

So far, it seems that this will mark the fourth Five Below store opening in Maine. With existing locations in Augusta, Topsham, and South Portland, the addition of this new store in Waterville is eagerly anticipated.

We're thrilled, and prepared to welcome this fantastic addition to our community!

Luckily, Five Below has a coming soon list on their website, but sadly, they have not updated it yet, because I do not see the Waterville location.

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