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From time to time, you come across something that fills you with a sense of boundless possibility. That's exactly how I felt when I watched Amy Stacey Curtis singing on TikTok. Her voice is truly beautiful, but it's her story that left me utterly breathless.

@amystaceycurtis Singing How Deep Is Your Love to heal my brain injury. I sustained a brain injury several years ago from untreated Lyme disease that I didn’t know that I had. I lost all control of my muscles including the muscles in my face. After a lot of time in a wheelchair and over the years being able to walk again I am working on getting my speech back 100% and the Ukelele has been a big help. ##braininjurysurvivor##functionalneurologicaldisorder##takingbackmylife##fyp##ukulele##ukulelecover##musictherapy##occupationaltherapy##musiciansoftiktok##lymedisease##lewistonmaine##howdeepisyourlove ♬ original sound - Amy Stacey Curtis

Amy is from Lewiston, Maine, and has endured the awful challenges of undiagnosed Lyme disease. She has faced facial palsy, electroshock treatments, numerous hospital stays, and so much more. At one point, she couldn't walk.

Despite these obstacles, Amy found solace and strength in teaching herself to play the guitar and sing.

She decided that through music, she was going to find her way back to who she was.

So, through sheer determination, she not only healed her own voice, but also rebuilt neural pathways in her brain.

You can detect a hint of palsy in her voice when she speaks, but the instant she starts to sing, it's as though she transforms into an angel, and everything else just fades away.

Her incredible journey captured the hearts of so many people when she went viral on TikTok, showcasing her remarkable singing talent and unwavering spirit throughout her journey.

I am so glad that she shared her story with all of us. Amy sings a lot in Lewiston/Auburn at open mics, and we all welcome her gift with open arms.

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