Special note: Do not touch a wild animal if you are not a specialist or licensed animal caretaker.

This all took place on route 2 in Sidney, Maine. A story of heroism to the smallest of living things.

An unfortunate collision occurred while my dearest friend, Ashley Maron, had just finished performing in the Central Maine Idol competition at the Quarry Tap Room, when the events unfolded.

Ashley exemplifies kindness towards all living things. We bonded when we both uncovered how much we want to protect our precious world.

Driving in the pitch black of night, she steered her vehicle when she suddenly felt a jolt beneath the tires. She swiftly halted, emerging from the car to find a young "fox", victim to her unintended impact. Panic ensued as she started to check the animal out.

What unfolded next defied conventional expectations.

Ashley Maron via iMessage
Ashley Maron via iMessage

Then, something most of us wouldn't do, her maternal instincts forced her to pick up the animal, scoop it into her arms and cradle it with solace during what she thought was its final moments.

Covered in ticks both Ashley and the "fox" sat there while Ashley comforted the seemingly dying animal.

But that's not what happened, the animal didn't die. Instead, he pooped all over her and she decided that was a sign.

So Ashley did what any animal lover would right? She put her hazards on, drove cautiously with the "fox" to her home.

She did notice the "fox" was extremely heavy. Once she arrived home, she called animal dispatch.

Finally after many phone calls to dispatch and animal rescue she was able to get ahold of a man named Don Cote, who is a licensed caretaker of animals and rehabs foxes.

He is a remarkable Mainer that take pride in helping our wildlife.

Ashley Maron via iMessage
Ashley Maron via iMessage

It was about 11:30pm by that time and Ashley brought the "fox" to Don. He also noticed how heavy the fox was when he picked him up.

Ashley was fully prepared to monitor the "fox" all night at her home if she wasn't able to get in touch with anyone, but thankfully Don volunteered to help.

She told Don that she would call and check in on the little guy daily to see updates. When she checked in the next day, she was relieved to hear he was still alive!

The caretaker also added another piece of important information, that it was not a fox but a COYOTE!

Once the young coyote is completely healed they are going to do an official release back into the wild where Ashley found him so he can be reunited with his family again! I will keep you updated on the coyotes release date!

Should we name him? What would you call the young coyote that Ashley and Don are healing?

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This one small act of kindness saved a life.

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