Sad news to wake up to this morning as we learn that this popular Gray wedding venue has burnt down. According to The Sun Journal, a fire erupted on route 115 in Gray at Stonehedge wedding and entertainment venue.

Owner Russell Jeffords' house was spared thanks to the quick arrival of the firefighters.

However, the barn, which served as a popular venue for weddings and concerts, was completely lost in the fire, along with everything inside.

According to the fire chief,

Fire Chief Kurt Elkanich said that crews from Gray and neighboring towns managed to bring the fire under control by 4:15 p.m. on Tuesday. However, they continued to address lingering hotspots for hours after.

Sadly, despite the timely arrival of fire trucks, the venue was destroyed by the blaze, resulting in the loss of all the instruments and sound equipment stored inside.

Jeffords expressed shock and devastation at the incident. Crews are looking into what caused the fire.

Jeffords said that Stonehedge has been a venue for music performances, charity events, and weddings for two decades. During the winter, people gathered inside the barn for country acoustic jam sessions.

His need to digest the news of the fire is understandable, and said that he plans to talk to his insurance company about rebuilding with even greater enthusiasm and dedication than before.

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