Move over, Portland, because there's another town that deserves love for its culinary reputation. I'm talking about a beautiful town that essentially kicks off Maine's popular Midcoast region. It's Maine's true college town, and has the food scene to back it up. It's time to praise the town of Brunswick.

Just 30 minutes up the road from Portland is Midcoast Maine. This region is universally loved by both Mainers and tourists alike. It's difficult to say that about any place, let alone an entire region, but it's true. Maine's Midcoast attracts hordes of people who enjoy the sights, museums, old houses, and local fare.

This includes Brunswick, a town that has been transitioning for what seems like an eternity. And I don't mean that in a negative way. The town was bolstered by a naval air station for decades. However, after its closure, Brunswick has done a wonderful job to keep the momentum moving forward.

Brunswick is also a true college town. Bowdoin College can be found right in the heart of downtown. The campus blends right in, making the downtown district feel like a part of the school. It's a perfect example of what a New England college town should be. And, of course, that means the food scene should not disappoint. And Brunswick's does not.

Outside of Portland, Brunswick probably has the most diverse culinary map in Maine. A number of cuisines and styles can be found in the town, making it quite attractive for both locals and those from away.

Many of these spots are within walking distance of Bowdoin and numerous neighborhoods. This includes Maine Street, Brunswick's primary village district. The street is loaded with iconic shops and trendy eateries, a blend that any town would be proud of.

However, the culinary footprint goes well beyond just one neighborhood. Now more than ever, you can find great restaurants and craft breweries around Brunswick, including in the old naval base.

With the town's reputation skyrocketing, it seems like a great time to highlight many of Brunswick's finest establishments. Below is a list of what the town has to offer from a culinary standpoint. Hopefully, this will be a great starting point for many into Brunswick's culinary world.

Hope you're hungry.

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