I used to have my ducks in a row, but then I lost them and I am pretty sure one was a penguin.

Anyways, Maine ducks are beloved, and we all kind of take turns making sure they're all safe and taken care of.

That's exactly what the Scarborough Fire Department team was called upon to do, rescue the ducks!

A call came in for an unconventional rescue operation. A very worried mother duck had lost her ducklings down a storm drain. The mission was critical to reunite these ducklings with their very distressed Mama.

Scarborough Police and Fire Departments responded to the bat signal and quickly sprang into action to save the babes.

They executed the operations flawlessly, working together. They assessed the situation and managed to safely rescue the baby ducklings from the storm drain.

This endearing rescue reminds us that we all matter animal or human. It also reminds us of the dedication from our Scarborough heroes that went above and beyond to protect not only humans but local wildlife, too.

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