Ever wonder which cities are rolling in the dough here in Maine?

If you're considering relocating to a different state and want to prioritize wealth, you might be wondering which state ranks highest in terms of money.

When thinking about rich towns in Maine, my thoughts drifted towards coastal towns like Cape Elizabeth or Kennebunkport, as well as popular urban cities with a ton of tourism, like Portland. But I am incorrect in those assumptions.

For many people in Maine, becoming wealthy in terms of money isn't really that easy because of our current economy. Most homes in Maine are currently at the middle-class range. So many of use aren't even making a living wage. Maine pretty much stays as one of the poorest states.

It's all about highest median household income, or in Layman's terms, how much money you're making.

According to Travel A Lot, based on the most recent data released from an American Community Survey, these cities/towns boast the highest median household income within each state, and that is how the richest city is determined.

Falmouth Foreside takes the lead in Maine for highest income, boasting an average household income of $204,669, surpassing the statewide average by around $120,800, according to 24/7 Wall St.

Located just north of Portland, Maine's most highly populated city, Cumberland Foreside, is a coastal portion of the Cumberland community. The median household income is $157,607.

And if you are curious about the state with the highest number of millionaires and billionaires? California takes the crown as the richest state in the nation, boasting a total of 1,147,251 millionaires and 189 billionaires, according to Yahoo Finance.

Whoa, nearly 200 billionaires in a single state? Talk about money overload!

Maine, on the other hand, is keeping it cozy with just one billionaire residing in our midst, as reported by World Population Review.

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