I "believe" in things like ghosts and spirits and cryptids.

That is to say, I am very open-minded to the idea of things we cannot explain, but I have yet to find things that truly cannot be explained. Take aliens for instance... Carl Sagan always said there's either all the aliens, or none at all. While the answer is probably somewhere in between, I'm 50/50 when it comes to extraterrestrials.

Aliens creature in the forest

That's not to say they don't exist, I just haven't seen what I would describe as "smoking gun" evidence. Maybe someday we'll have that, and I'll be completely on board. Same when it comes to something like Bigfoot. Like, I'll believe it when I see it. When scientists show one that is undeniably credible, I'll be ready to agree.

There's one cryptid I thought I'd never heard of until I talked to a coworker.

One time, a coworker and I were talking, and somehow the subject of Bigfoot came up, and she told me about this crazy experience she had up on Cadillac Mountain in Bar Harbor in the off-season. She was driving up the mountain with a friend one night, and at one point on their drive up, she and the person with her driving the car saw something quickly scurry in front of the car.

Warning Bigfoot Area Stay on Marked Trails Sign on Tree

What was odd, is that the creature they saw run in front of them was up on two legs, hauling super fast across the road, and absolutely resembled an ape or monkey of some kind. But unlike Bigfoot, this creature seemed a bit shorter and not as hulking as most people would describe Sasquatch. Was it a baby, perhaps? Or is it possible it wasn't a Bigfoot at all?

What if it was the elusive White Monkey?

Not everyone has heard of the White Monkey, although it's potential in Maine goes back almost 500 years! While the bulk of sightings have been in Southern Maine over the years, there have also been sightings all over New England. Folks who have had a chance to see it have slightly different, yet very similar descriptions.

Photo by Joanna Borkowska on Unsplash
Photo by Joanna Borkowska on Unsplash

Where Bigfoot towers over everything in it's vicinity, the White Monkeys seem to be just a little smaller, maybe in the same basic size as a person. But obviously, in reference to the name, it's fur is white. But also like it's Bigfoot cousin, it's super elusive and has rarely ever been seen.

So what else could it be?

That's hard to say. Maine doesn't really have any kind of animals that even resemble an ape of any kind. These things could always be a bear, but bears don't really look anything like an ape. I also asked another friend who works at Jackson Lab in Bar Harbor, thinking maybe once upon a time they had primates there, and my friend said no. So there goes the idea that my friend saw an escaped chimp from Jackson Lab.

Chimpanzee sleeping.

At the end of the day, Maine is a big place and all sorts of weird things happen here. There's no way we can account for all the things that may be hiding in our woods. So is there a White Monkey? Bigfoot? Wendigo? Hard to say. Tall tales always have a grain of truth in them somewhere. I wonder where it is in these...

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