New England Winter

Whether you love this time of year in New England or not, there's one thing that can't be denied -- New England in the winter time is something special. Majestic, even.

Sure, when you take a deep breath in during the most frigid parts of winter, your nose hairs may all instantly freeze -- and from personal experience, don't ever try to see if your tongue really does stick to a pole when it's cold out, because first-hand experience says it does -- but there's something freshly crisp about that cold air.

Plus, there are parts of New England so picturesque (especially after snow has fallen) that they're considered to be right out of a Hallmark Christmas movie.

A small-town Christmas display centered around the village gazebo

Maine's Coziest Towns

It's that same "something special" about the winter season in New England that actually puts a sense of comfort in the air, too. When the chilly temps arrive, out come the warm, fuzzy socks, heated blankets, Goose down jackets -- anything that sounds and feels warm.

In that regard, My Dating Adviser put together a list of some of the coziest, small towns across the country. Maine is represented on the list four separate times, with small-town, cozy love being shown to Bar Harbor, Kennebunkport, Camden, and Columbia Falls.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Best Maine Restaurants

While the list of the best restaurants in Maine can be considered endless, based on the type of food a customer is looking for as well as the location, we decided to focus in on the best restaurant in each of the four coziest Maine towns represented in the My Dating Adviser list, as rated on Yelp.

The Best Restaurant in Each of Maine's Coziest Towns

Based on the highest rated restaurant according to Yelp, in no particular order.

Gallery Credit: Jadd

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