Portland, Maine, News Stations

We are truly lucky to have the news stations we do in the Portland, Maine, area and the reporters and meteorologists that we do.

Not only are they talented and informative, but they're also entertaining (especially if you follow some on social media) and, most importantly, pretty decent human beings in general.

And, unfortunately, one of the reporters that seems to be one of the best humans of them all, announced she will be ending her career in the next week -- a story we've heard all too often lately.

chloeteboe via Instagram
chloeteboe via Instagram

Chloe Teboe NEWS CENTER Maine

According to her bio on the NEWS CENTER Maine website, Chloe has technically been a member of the staff since 2017, when started working as a part-time digital employee during that summer.

She returned to the team a couple of years later in January 2019 as a digital producer, before moving up to Bangor to start her on-air reporting journey, which led to her landing back in Portland as a weekday morning show reporter, before transitioning to weekend morning anchor in February 2022.

Now, almost two years to the exact date where she officially took over those weekend anchoring duties, Chloe will be moving on from the broadcast news world to unknown future endeavors, according to an Instagram post she made over the weekend.

This is a tough post to make because it’s one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make. Next Sunday, February 25th is going to be my last day at [NEWS CENTER Maine] after more than five years. The best part about my job is the hundreds of stories I’ve had the opportunity to tell and the thousands of people I’ve met along the way—always has been, always will be.

Chloe did go on to say that Maine is home and "there is a good chance" she will be back in the future, but for now, she's still figuring out what her next career step will be.

Without a doubt, though, whatever that next career step is, Chloe will crush it.

You can read her full announcement on her Instagram post.

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