I will die by this theory I created in my head. Ever since COVID, I truly believe that people all over the world have chosen to move here to Maine thinking it's a safer place to be than their overpopulated cities.

In turn, it's made the value of our housing market skyrocket, and the population here is following.

That being said, I understand why some cities around Maine that have a long-standing "bad reputation" (relax, Taylor Swift) so to say, are slowly on the rise.

However, I am shocked at some of the cities featured on this list of the top 20 fastest-growing cities in the state.

For example, according to Stacker.com, Saco is now the fifth fastest-growing city in Maine and is already the ninth largest city in Maine. With more population naturally comes more business opportunities.

It seems that this once "boring" city has quickly become a hot spot for new business and living opportunities.

Check out the list below:

Fastest growing cities in Maine

Stacker compiled a list of the fastest growing cities in Maine according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

I'll be honest, I'm more shocked that Portland ranked at No. 3. I mean, considering my last apartment on High Street maxing out at 400 square feet with nothing included cost me $1,500 per month, you'd think Portland would be the ring leaders of the fastest growing cities.

Sidenote: I didn't even have a bedroom in that apartment. We're talking about a room that was only big enough for a queen bed that I had to make a big pillow room instead of a bed.

Do you still want to try to tell me Portland, Maine doesn't belong at #1 on that list?!

What did you think of the list?

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