This isn't just another obligatory "new pizza shop" opening post just popping up on your feed right now. No. This new spot might actually be Windham's most unique pizza shop. It's called Fire & Ice, and it totally lives up to its name.

Why is it called Fire & Ice?

On one side of the restaurant, they serve up their take on the best kind of pizza they know (that's the fire). On the other side, they serve hand-rolled ice-cream (that's the ice). As their website shows,  you can choose your own flavors and watch the magic of ice cream get made right in front of you.

Fire & Ice
Fire & Ice

Does "New Haven style" pizza ring a bell for you? There aren't many pizza shops in Maine that offer you the option of ordering New Haven, New York, or Sicilian style pizza upon arrival. This is what make's Fire & Ice stand out – it's authentic.

What is New Haven style pizza?

By definition on, "New Haven-style pizza is the latter; a hotter, crispier, and dirtier descendant of Neapolitan style pie".

Ironically, guess who only likes New Haven style 'za? Yup. Barstool Sport's own Dave Portnoy. I'll say it, he missed out not visiting this spot when he came to Maine last summer to do some pizza reviews. He was spot-on with some of the pizza places he visited, but also missed a ton of places that should have been reviewed.

Here's a full list of all the pizza places by name and rank that Portnoy visited and reviewed while he was in Maine.

Even the happy customers on Fire & Ice's Facebook are calling out Portnoy to check out this spot:

Facebook- Fire & Ice
Facebook- Fire & Ice

Here's some more Facebook feedback from the lucky customers that have gotten to try this place so far:

Brianna Marie:

"Finally got to try fire and ice today! Hands down recommend. It was by far the best pizza I’ve had, and the staff was top notch! I will definitely be back, and can’t wait!"

Henry Gleason:

"Easily the best pizza outside of Italy. Staff was extremely friendly! 11/10"

Corey Wescott:

"Just tried Fire & Ice tonight , and oh my the pizza is amazing. The crust and sauce are some of the best we’ve had. We will definitely be back again!"

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