You may disagree that only one burger from Maine made Food Network's best burger list, but it is one hell of a burger.

Maine is home to some tasty burgers. Whether you are going for the cheap eats of Harmon's on Gray Road in Falmouth or a high-end $32 house burger at the Grill Room in Portland, Maine knows how to make a burger.

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According to the Food Network's list of the 100+ Best Burgers in America, only one burger in Maine made the list: the Apocolypse Now at Nosh.

Yelp Richie A
Yelp Richie A

According to Food Network,

Its most-indulgent burger, the Apocalypse Now, features a crisp slab of pork belly topped with a single-source grass-raised, grain-finished beef patty smothered in melted American cheese. Two slices of thick-cut, house-cured bacon are stacked on the patties, followed by a sliver of seared foie gras, homemade mayonnaise and literal (macerated) cherries on top.

This monster of a burger appears to be special at Nosh, and is not offered on their menu. Maybe you have to reference the Food Network's list to get the goods.

Burgers aren't the only thing that Nosh in Portland, Maine, does well.

Erik K Trip Advisor
Erik K Trip Advisor

These are bacon-dusted fries, and will land on anyone's list of best fries in Maine.

Together, these items put Nosh in Portland, Maine, on a lot of national lists. But is there a burger that you are shocked is not alongside this monster for Food Network's best burger list? I think they need to come back.

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