Remember when Walmarts in Maine had arcades in them?

It appears that arcades went away in the late 2000s. But when Walmart (not all Walmarts) had the Gameplay arcades, people loved them. There is still one, and it's at the Brunswick Walmart.

- Cote Meehan-Brown
- Cote Meehan-Brown

Thank you for the picture, Cote! Wanna play? Hurry, because a quick call to the Brunswick Walmart revealed that it's leaving! The person on the phone wasn't even sure if everything in the arcade worked. What? But it's cool! Keep it!

There's not a lot of information on the Gameplay arcades at Walmart.

In trying to find out if the Brunswick Walmart was the only Walmart that had an arcade, there wasn't a ton of information. In fact, there was no information. I did find one article on Gaming Nexus that mentioned the arcade at a Walmart, but the article was from 2014:

Could Walmart be getting into the arcade business now? I happened to notice this past weekend that one of my local Walmart stores had a new area labeled as “Gameplay”. It wasn’t much to look at, just a small room with a couple of arcade games and a variety of redemption / claw games, but the sheer fact that I was looking at coin operated games in the modern world put a smile on my face.

Is the Brunswick, Maine, Walmart the only one with an arcade?


I don't know, and I don't have the energy to drive to all 22 Maine Walmarts. Have you seen an arcade at any other Walmart in Maine? Let me know.

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