I've always heard about some people doing this, but until I witnessed it happening in person, I didn't realize how bad it actually is.

It was garbage night, so our bins were at the edge of the road, along with everybody else's in my neighborhood.

As I was was watching a movie, the window next to my TV faces the front of my driveway, where I happened to catch this lady walking by with her dog.

Her dog not only pooped on my lawn (which doesn't bother me if you pick it up), but she then threw the poop-filled back INTO my recycle bin at the end of my driveway and walked off.

The thing is, I caught her looking around to her left and right before she ignorantly walked onto my driveway and tossed her dog's poop bag into my recycle bin. That shows me that she knew she was wrong, but didn't want to get caught.

News flash, poop lady, you got caught.

Here's the thing. Portland requires purple trash bags you have to purchase through the city, which get expensive. SO, you can probably relate to me when I tell you how much this whole thing frustrated me, considering I do my part with the city to get my trash taken care of the right way.

The other thing is, if I hadn't caught her, my recyclables probably wouldn't have been picked up from my house. The poop bag would've made my recyclables unfit for the city's standards of pickup, and I would have had to wait another week to get rid of piled-up garbage.

Look, I know this isn't the end of the world, and there's bigger problems in life, but this is just a blatant disregard on her end for anybodies else's property. I wonder how disrespected she would feel if this was done to her?

Also, is this illegal? Why does this feel illegal?

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