Ring Doorbell Video

Some of the most viral videos making their way around social media stem from video captured on Ring doorbells. Whether it's pranking neighbors and friends, capturing random wildlife roaming the streets, or capturing positive experiences with delivery men and women, it usually all starts with doorbell videos from Ring, Nest or similar companies.

BabiesOfSteele on TikTok

One of Maine's most popular TikTok influencers is a Bath, Maine, woman named Meredith Steele, better known as BabiesOfSteele on TikTok and other social media sites.

On her accounts, Meredith does everything from test popular, viral products, to sharing recipes, to talking mental health, and everything in between. In fact, during parts of the height of the pandemic, when local businesses were really feeling the effects and restaurant workers were burnt out, Meredith raised money on her TikTok page and then surprised local servers with massive tips.

Speaking of massive tips, Meredith also provides helpful, massive, life tips on her account, including avoiding being one of "those people" this Halloween with this really awkward move that tends to provide viral videos.

babiesofsteele via Instagram / Photo by Conner Baker on Unsplash
babiesofsteele via Instagram / Photo by Conner Baker on Unsplash

Trick or Treating Videos of Kids

In one of her most recent posts on social media, Meredith highlights something a lot of people are guilty of -- posting doorbell videos of other peoples' children trick or treating, effectively shaming them in the process.

I think it's weird to upload Ring footage of someone else's child trick or treating at your house, regardless of what they did. If you're putting out a bowl of candy, you have to know at some point a middle schooler will come and dump the whole thing in.

Meredith went on to talk about how little kids lack impulse control (even if you tell them not to make too much candy and say "thank you" while walking them around the neighborhood), even highlighting a time when she was younger where she took a whole bag of peanut M&M's from a CVS and wasn't plastered all over the internet to crowdsource information about her name, where she lives, etc.

As Mainers are unfortunately well-aware due to recent events, there are much bigger things to worry about in life than a kiddo going trick or treating and swiping too much (or all of) the candy from your bowl.

Let's all avoid the impulse to post doorbell videos of any children that may do that this Halloween, and instead focus on the fact that we're fortunate enough to do something that feels as normal as going trick or treating, parading in creative costumes, and getting a little mid-week sugar rush.

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