Lewiston and the entire state of Maine have been heartbroken for months now after the tragedy that took the lives of 18 people at Just-In-Time Recreation and Schemengees Bar & Grille. It's been difficult for both locations, but as Just-In-Time gets ready to re-open on May 3, something new will help us all remember those victims every time we walk into the building.

Maine MILL, which stands for "Maine Museum of Innovation, Learning and Labor", posted a photo on their Facebook page on April 17 showing two shelves attached to a wall at Just-In-Time, one on top of the other. The top row has nine pins with blue hearts painted on them, and the bottom has nine with red hearts.

Painted in each heart is the name of someone we lost on that tragic day, and this is the perfect tribute to them all.

The response on Facebook has been extremely positive:

Was hoping there’d be some sort of Memorial! I love it!

– John White


That's so heartwarming and thoughtful. Thank you for all of your extra thought and care as you reopen.

– Amanda Pelletier

Here are the names on the 18 memorial pins:

  • Aaron Young

  • William A. Young

  • Joseph Lawrence Walker

  • Joshua Seal

  • William Frank Brackett

  • Stephen M. Vozzella

  • Peyton Brewer-Ross

  • Arthur Fred Strout

  • Tricia C. Asselin

  • Thomas Ryan Conrad

  • Keith D. Macneir

  • Bryan M. MacFarlane

  • Jason Adam Walker

  • Maxx A. Hathaway

  • Michael R. Deslauriers II

  • Ronald G. Morin

  • Robert E. Violette

  • Lucille M. Violette

Just-In-Time is putting the finishing touches on its renovation and is almost ready for its grand reopening on May 3.

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