Comedian and actress Tig Notaro wrapped up her Hello Again tour in Waterville, Maine, but hinted she could be back!

Tig Notaro, who you may or may not know, performed two shows at the Waterville Opera House recently. It was a spectacular show. If you don't know who Tig is, maybe you recognize her from Apple TV's The Morning Show.

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Maybe you have caught her podcast, Handsome. Maybe you've seen one of her many comedy specials, including Get Out of the Way of a Woman and Her Dream (2004) and Happy to Be Here Again. But it was in Waterville at the Opera House that she ended the tour of Hello Again that will be premiering on Amazon on March 26.

Tig Norato has a connection to Maine: her brother.

Visiting her brother and sister-in-law could explain why she was so in love with the Waterville Opera House. She ends her show by playing the piano and singing along to Adele's "Hello". No, Tig cannot play the piano nor can she sing, and it was one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

Waterville Opera House Facebook
Waterville Opera House Facebook

But it was during the build-up to the big finish that Tig shared that she loved the Waterville Opera House, and that it would be the perfect place to film her next comedy special. The crowd went wild. She loved the venue and how warm and receptive the audience was. One woman screamed out,

Happy early birthday, Tig!

It made Michelle Gonya's night when Tig responded, saying thanks. Tig's birthday is on March 24, but at the Waterville Opera House, we were treated to the present of her comedy.

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