One server knows this isn't on purpose, but it affects their income.

On Reddit, a server put out a PSA about tipping. This is NOT an article about whether tipping should be abolished or the pros and cons of tipping. Based on the system that is in place, this is a legitimate occurrence that is not done with malice, but absentmindedness.

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash
Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

Reddit user mangotango14 posted what they called a PSA for customers:

Please, please please remember to tip on the cash when you split a bill between cash and cards.  This has happened to me 3 times this week on tables with large parties. it is our slowest season already. I’ve received less than half of the tips I worked hard for from complimentary customers for no reason other than absentmindedness. it’s heartbreaking. your tips are the difference between whether we can pay bills or not.


Wait. What's the problem?

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I was completely confused by this. That's when another Reddit user explained what was happening. And quite often. I wondered if I had accidentally done this to a server. Reddit user Senior_Track_5829 explained that it usually happens when friends split the bill themselves. It goes like this:

Bill is $82. They split 50/50, so person A gives $50 cash for their $41 (and $9 tip). Table tells the server, "Put the $50 cash and the rest on [Person B's] card. The card goes for $32, and they leave an $8 tip. Person B with the card thinks they've left a generous tip. Person A "paid" a tip, so they don't notice either.

It happens like a third of the time parties split payment with card and cash.

The server's only defense is to bring $9 in change back and charge person B's card for $41, but this isn't explicitly what the table has asked for.

Holy crap! I think I get it! And yes, I think that it happens when a group of friends goes out. We are rarely all going to pay in all cash or all cards. It's usually a mix.

So what should happen when you are out with friends is if you are paying with cash, only give the server cash to cover your meal. Then leave the tip on the table.

Now you can fight about if tipping should be abolished and a decent wage paid to servers – go!

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