Professional hockey has always been played at the Cross Insurance Arena, going back to the original Maine Mariners in 1977 when the arena was opened as the Cumberland County Civic Center. Today it hosts a new version of the Maine Mariners, but from 1993 to 2005, the home team was the Portland Pirates.

Just like the Mariners of today, the Pirates always made going to a game fun and exciting (even during timeouts and between periods), playing games and giving away prizes. The Pirates t-shirt cannon was a big hit, as people in the crowd hoped to be lucky enough to catch a Pirates t-shirt launched into the stands.

A few lucky fans also go to play the exciting game Score-O, where they could win a new car or truck from a local car dealership. All they had to do was put a puck into the net from the center line, but it's not easy.

Contestants have to put the puck through a small hole that is just barely the width and height of the puck. Your shot has to be straight and true, or it will bounce off the board covering the net.

Needless to say, it was a rarity when someone was able to do it. We don't know just how many people have won a car with Score-O, but the very first time it happened was captured on video during the 1995-96 season and it was amazing! That video recently appeared on YouTube posted by Gino’s Videos.

Pirates PA announcer Jon Paradise was on the ice with the kids' attempts to first win a smaller prize. Then it was time for adult Score-O. Two fans were chosen to play – Rachel from Augusta and Peter Chadborn from Portland.

Rachel missed, but the shot from Peter was dead on, and the entire arena roared as the puck slipped through that tiny hole.

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