Super Troopers Movie

Every now and then, a movie is made that sneakily becomes a cult classic and forever stands the test of time.

Office Space. Napoleon Dynamite. Anchorman. Just to name a few.

Another movie that makes that list and actually takes place in New England? Super Troopers. Which leads to an amazing partnership that has just been announced and may be the some of the most genius marketing seen in a long time.

Nerd Reactor Plus via YouTube / Movieclips via YouTube
Nerd Reactor Plus via YouTube / Movieclips via YouTube

The story of Super Troopers, according to IMDb, is:

Five Vermont state troopers, avid pranksters with a knack for screwing up, try to save their jobs and out-do the local police department by solving a crime.

One of the more memorable scenes of the 2001 movie focuses on two of the Troopers battling head-to-head in a Vermont maple syrup chugging contest, straight from the bottle.

And that's the basis for the genius partnership between the Super Troopers cast and a popular New England distillery that is now barrel-aging something entirely new.

WhistlePig in Vermont

Known specifically for their various offerings of rye whiskey that can be found at locations all across the country, WhistlePig has taken on a brand new endeavor considering there is currently a maple syrup shortage throughout the world, according to Food & Wine -- barrel-aged maple syrup.

So, Vermont's favorite distillery enlisted the help of Vermont's favorite maple syrup-loving troopers to roll out their new product with a funny, clever video featuring members of the cast of Super Troopers referencing popular moments from the movie, and also sharing the recipe for "The Ultimate Vermont Maple Old Fashioned."

Absolutely genius.

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