There's a few roads in Maine I would instantly think of if you asked me which ones I personally think are terrible, and this road wasn't one of them. However, according to The Maine Better Transportation Association, Jackman, Maine, has a road that's been deemed the worst in the state.

It's a 14.3 mile long road on Route 201 stretching from Moose River to the border of Quebec, and it won the Worst Road in Maine contest.

As wmtw quoted,

"Jarvis, a forester and chief of the Jackman Fire and Rescue Department, said he travels the road frequently. He said its deteriorating condition is a deterrent to tourists."

Remember when Portland got the Deering Oaks rotary over towards Forest Ave? I would immediately say either that rotary is one of the worst, or any one-way road downtown. Mostly because tourists do not know how to operate down these roads and tend to hold up traffic. I'll stop there so I don't say anything mean, haha.

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