York's Wild Kingdom, Maine's largest zoo and amusement park, will open in about one month!

Get ready to either pack the family for a fun day there, or possibly work there!

Last year, they brought in a brand-new family balloon wheel to replace their 40-plus-year-old Ferris wheel.  Because at York's, they are always updating and making sure that you have the best experience possible.

York's Wild Kingdom Maine's Favorite Zoo & Amusement Park Facebook
York's Wild Kingdom Maine's Favorite Zoo & Amusement Park Facebook

Over 200,000 people visit York's Wild Kingdom in York, Maine, every year

York’s Wild Kingdom in York Beach, Maine, has something for both the little ones and the big ones who drove there. Over 200,000 people go to York's Wild Kingdom every year. They have such sweet wild animals from around the world. Come see the newest addition, a tiger they had a contest to name.

York's Wild Kingdom
York's Wild Kingdom

The winning name was Moxy.

You can thank her orange and black coloring and that tongue for the name. The different spelling was a twist, so you know it's the tiger and not the Maine drink we're talking about.

Last year was a tough one for York's Wild Kingdom. The weather didn't cooperate, and they had to close down the ride part of the park often. But this year, if we all think sunny thoughts, maybe we can cut down on these posts!

But even when it rains, York's is fun. You can never predict the weather. I've been to York's on hot sunny days and muggy rainy days, and had fun at both! Grab the kids for an all-day adventure! There really is something for everyone, including mini-golf and plenty to eat.

Everybody put away your umbrellas, and break out the positive sunny thinking!

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