Who doesn't love a celebrity sighting? Well, maybe not everyone is into it. However, I'd venture to say that one of the celebs that would be tough to act like it's no biggie for us is the one and only Mr. Jerry Seinfeld.

So are you ready for some Seinfeld sightings? It will most likely happen in the Portland area at one of the delicious restaurants. Since he loves Indian, maybe he'll enjoy Taj Indian and Indo-Chinese Cuisine or Hi Bombay.

Some celebs don't head out and about after performing, but as Jerry has proven, he's all about it, and like most celebrity sightings, it usually involves a restaurant sighting.

You see, Jerry is performing at the beautiful performing arts theatre in downtown Portland's Merrill Auditorium on March 15, with two shows at 7:30 and 9pm.

When he was in Springfield, Massachusetts, performing during his current tour, he was out enjoying Indian food and took time for photos.

What a great dude to find one of the best spots in Springfield. Small and family run, says it all about Jerry……the man!

Yup, Western Massachusetts is where Jerry posed for a photo at Panjabi Tadka. The owners even had fun with their comment when they posted the photo.

Look who stopped by for lunch! No soup for you!! @jerryseinfeld

Jerry is currently on the road with his latest stand-up show, touring through September 2024 with a stop not far off in Portland.

If you want to drop a few hundred bucks on Jerry's show, then click here. Meanwhile, you could just hope to get that Seinfeld sighting out and about.

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