It's no secret that we have a loud and proud foodie population here in New England, and with good reason. Our restaurant industry is killing it, and there's never a shortage of new establishments opening their doors to the public. You can never run out of places to visit for your next dining experience, especially in our region.

Recently, Esquire shared a list of the best new restaurants in America for 2023, two of which are in New England. One is a tavern and "house of learning" where guest can expand their knowledge on Jewish culture and cuisine. The other is a full-service raw bar and restaurant specializing in all things New England seafood. Let's learn more about these lucky locations.

Lehrhaus in Somerville, Massachusetts

According to their website, those at Lehrhaus pride themselves on providing,

...a new kind of gathering space for 21st century Jews and people interested in Judaism: part Jewish tavern, part house of learning...


With a frequently-changing menu and a Saturday night burger bar during the winter months, there are always new dining options at Lehrhaus. They've also been certified as a dairy (chalav stam) kosher restaurant, and offer special classes and events as well. You can learn more about those here.

Gift Horse in Providence, Rhode Island

Situated in the heart of Rhode Island's capital city is Gift Horse, a restaurant and raw bar "with a strong focus on local shellfish, seafood, and daily catches from New England waters." Regionally harvested oysters make for a unique distinction, and to round out your experience, you can also select from an expansive wine list and various cocktail options.

Congratulations to everyone at Lehrhaus and Gift Horse for this well-deserved shoutout. Here are some other New England restaurants that are so good, people believe they should be on Food Network.

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