It's always cool when you hear buzz about celebrities in New England.

Recently, Massachusetts was visited by none other than actor, comedian, and writer B.J. Novak.

Besides his work in films like Vengeance and Saving Mr. Banks, the star from Newton, Massachusetts, gained particular notoriety for playing the competitive and contemptuous Ryan Howard in the hit mockumentary sitcom The Office (2005-2013).

So what was B.J. doing back near his old Massachusetts stomping grounds? To find out, we have to turn our attention to Boston's Museum of Fine Arts, one of the largest art museums in the world.

The museum is currently in the midst of their Ruth and Carl J. Shapiro Celebrity Lecture Series. According to their website, the series provides the opportunity for listeners to,

Hear from innovative artists, entertainers, musicians, and writers in an ongoing conversation with you—their audience—on stimulating issues in culture today. Chosen for their creative brilliance and fresh perspectives, these speakers share their vision, their working process, and their insights.

Among the noteworthy speakers is, you guessed it, B.J. himself. He visited the museum on Friday, March 1, but he wasn't alone.

Joining B.J. was his old high school classmate, Amir Dehestani. The below Facebook post reveals more about what the evening entailed, including stories shared by the pair of "pranksters" (and one trick that B.J. pulled on the museum itself).

We're glad that B.J. could return to a place that means so much to him, and confident that all the attendees gave him a warm welcome home.

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