There are all sorts of factors that contribute to New England's excellent reputation.

Countless studies have directed high praise towards our region over the years. A WalletHub study announced the best small cities in the country, and eight New England towns made the list. Our area has also been highlighted for having the safest towns, restaurants featured in the New York Times, excellent tourist attractions, and so on.

Now, New Hampshire in particular is receiving a shoutout for having some of the nation's best school districts. The findings come from Test Prep Insight, a website centered on prep courses and language learning. Their list of the 250 "Most Envied School Districts" has garnered considerable attention, and five districts in New Hampshire were lucky enough to be featured.

So which ones were included on the list? Here they are, in order from "worst" to "best".

The specific numerical rankings might not seem all that impressive. But when you consider that the findings were based on survey results from 3,000 parents who largely preferred "wealthy suburbs of metropolitan cities," the Granite State holds its own quite well.

Did you know that New Hampshire is also home to 22 colleges and universities? Let's learn more about them below.

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