Even though prohibition is long in the past, the speakeasy seems to making a ferocious return to popularity. Portland boasts two popular spots, in the basement of Blyth and Burrows and the truest speakeasy in the big city, Lincoln's. But as the development of Lewiston/Auburn continues, the call for new and exciting nightlife venues has grown. And according to the Sun-Journal, Lewiston will be home to Maine's latest speakeasy this summer.

The bar will be called Sonder & Dram. It will be located in the heart of downtown Lewiston, in the basement of the building that stands at 12 Ash Street. Nine separate developers are behind the project, and while it will not be a full blown speakeasy, it will have the feel of a prohibition-era bar. There will be small bites of American classics, a few tables for those that don't want to sit bar side.

Sonder & Dram hopes to become a neighborhood bar, as this portion of downtown Lewiston continues to see a positive facelift. Work will continue on the bar throughout April, with the hope that Sonder & Dram could open their doors as soon as May.

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