Of all the restaurants in Portland that have closed in the last year or so, one in particular seemed to hit the community extra hard. That was when Silly's Restaurant seemingly said goodbye, leaving behind three decades worth of memories as the owners had reached a breaking point. But in that goodbye, Silly's left the door open for a return, and 14 months later, you can officially call it a comeback.

According to Portland Food Map, Silly's Restaurant had a soft opening this weekend at their "new" location at 68 Washington Avenue. That location will be familiar to fans of Silly's, as the owner operated another venture, Simply Vegan by Silly's, there. Silly's asked visitors over the weekend for patience as they begin the journey of getting back up to speed as not only a restaurant operating in Portland, but a restaurant operating in Portland during a global pandemic.

As of right now, it appears Silly's will only be open on the weekends and will be offering a variation of their larger menu known to many. They're calling it the 'Vintage Silly's' menu that features several of their classic favorites minus fried favorites. Silly's owner is hopeful the restart will be permanent and that by next summer, the 'new' Silly's will feel a whole lot like the 'old' Silly's.

Check their Facebook page for updates on hours and what may and may not be available on their menu. Great to have you back, Silly's.

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