After 13 years of slinging drinks and food at his neighborhood haunt, the owner of Howie's Pub is ready to move on. 

As Portland continues to grow, develop and transition, there will be fewer and fewer places like Howie's Pub available for locals. It's the kind of place that you see on TV shows, where everyone seems to know everyone else. And for 13 years, that's largely because the owner, Howie Charbourne, has kept it that way. But everything comes to an end, and Chadbourne's career as a bar owner apparently has reached its finish line.

According to the Bangor Daily News, the long weeks and general stress of being a pub owner has left Howie Chadbourne with the decision to sell his cherished Portland dive. He fully expects to be done with the pub by the end of January with a new owner in place right away.

The news may come as a bit of shock to those who pop in and out of Howie's. The pub, which is very visible off the ramp of the Washington Ave. exit of 295, has become a weekly destination for many, whether it be for Football Sunday's or Tuesday night trivia hosted by none other than Howie.

As tough as it is to give up his bar, Howie Chadbourne said he's ready for "retirement" and something new. The new ownership has promised longtime patrons that nothing about Howie's Pub will change with the exception of one thing; Howie won't be there behind the bar.

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