We're currently stuck in a deep freeze, with temperatures barely making it past zero and forecasts calling for this arctic spell to continue through the beginning of the new year. And how will we snap out of this arctic blast? Well...it could be with a massive Nor'Easter set to arrive around Thursday.

Keith Carson has become Portland's go-to for weather forecasts (and dispelling some forecasts that were a little too ambitious), but even he has his eye on this storm that could really wallop the northeast. (BTW, let's hope the blizzard of '93 thing was a big joke)

What Carson means by "fish storm" is simple, this could just end up staying out to sea and dumping plenty of precipitation on the fishes. It could also turn and level most of Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine with a foot or more of snow.

As of this writing, it's still too early to run to the closest Hannaford and grab all the bread and milk. But after we pop the champagne and ring in 2018, we should all be paying close attention to whether this storm will be staying out at sea or smashing us into 2018 with piles of snow. Stay tuned.

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