Last week, we thought we may be hiding in our homes again because of a possible Nor'easter. Thankfully, those forecasted models proved to be incorrect. And in other good news, the forecasted models for this weekend are promising the kind of warm up that we've been waiting about seven months for.

Southern Maine could spend the weekend getting a free preview of summertime weather, with temperatures possibly touching the mid to upper 60s with some towns potentially getting to 70. Oh, and if you're in New Hampshire, plan a beach day for Saturday, because some parts of the state could hit 80. YES, 80.

As for the rest of Maine north of Lewiston/Auburn, make sure to have the winter coats handy for this weekend.

Alas, if you think this is the end of the winter chill and upward and onward to big and much warmer things, you may not want to get your hopes up. Several forecasters are calling for this weekend to be a temporary reprieve, with the lingering possibility of continuing freezing overnight temperatures and the outside chance for more snow through April.

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