In our fast-paced, ever-changing world, it's always fun to take a trip down memory lane and see what mattered most to us Mainers. Looking back, it's fascinating to see what captured our curiosity and attention up here in our little corner of the country.

Back then, technology wasn’t as advanced, politics were more laid-back, and a new virus had everyone worried if it might just wipe us all out.


According to WMTW, these were Maine’s top Google searches for 2014:
10. Black Friday 2014: Because who doesn’t love the annual tradition of elbowing strangers for a slightly-discounted TV?
9. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Apparently, pouring ice water on your head is a viral way to raise awareness for ALS, brilliant. Oh, and to show off just how cold you can get for likes on social media.
8. Olympics: The Winter Olympics were back, and everyone suddenly became an expert in sports they only hear about every four years.
7. Joan Rivers: The queen of comedy left us in 2014, reminding everyone that no one could roast celebrities quite like she could.
6. Jennifer Lawrence: J-Law was everywhere, between The Hunger Games and tripping her way into our hearts with her down-to-earth, relatable personality and humorous public appearances.
5. iPhone 6: Apple dropped the latest iPhone, and everyone wanted to see what new features they couldn’t live without for the next year. Is it weird that I actually know someone who still owns and uses an iPhone 6?
4. Philip Seymour Hoffman: We lost an acting legend, leading Mainers to search for his best roles.
3. Ebola: The outbreak had everyone wondering if they needed to stock up on hand sanitizer and hazmat suits. “How ironic”, said 2020.
2. World Cup: The planet went soccer crazy, including us here in Maine. Isn’t it funny that for a few weeks every four years, we all pretend like we’ve been lifelong soccer devotees?
1. Robin Williams: The world was shocked as we all mourned the loss of the man who made us laugh and cry, often at the same time. Us Mainers were truly affected by his suicide. You can see some of the reactions from Maine locals here.

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