Maine's Most Misspelled Word
In preparation for the upcoming Scripps Spelling Bee, Google Trends released a map detailing every state's most misspelled word. Here in Maine, given the lengthy winter and a particularly brutal flu season, it's hardly a surprise that that pneumonia tops the list...
A Real Eye-Opening Career Choice For Mainers
If you're a reasonable person, when you see the headline "Maine's most Googled career choices", you're probably thinking two obvious choices; brewer and lobsterman. Well, you'd be half right. Brewer does rank on the list of the top five most searched jobs in Mai…
Maine Couldn't Get Enough Amy
The hype and then subsequent disappoint of comedian Amy Schumer's appearance in Maine left her as the state's #1 most googled obsession.
The Alternative
Ever since I bought my first computer with my own money, I have always bought one that runs Windows. For the first time, after over 20 years, I bought a computer that isn't running Windows. Here's why.