Remember this story?

A Maine man had what could only be described as a rollercoaster afternoon in Tallahassee, Florida, back in February 18, 2015. A police report had stated that Jared Simpson walked into a bar/restaurant called the 4th Quarter Bar and Grill, and from there, his day quickly descended into pure madness.

The story was even the topic of discussion in a recent reddit thread.

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According to the Daily Mail's story from 2015l, Simpson had entered the bar on crutches and told employees that he had arrived in Tallahassee to spend time in the national forest partying with the Rainbow People. Simpson then allegedly racked up a $10 bar tab and when he was asked to settle up, attempted to pay his bar tab with a rock.

When that was rejected, he attempted to pay a female employee with a torn dollar bill and would make up the difference by "paying her in other ways," the Daily Mail stated.

Somehow, Simpson wasn't thrown out of the bar yet, but things were about to get much weirder.

He allegedly was once again told by employees that he needed to settle his bar tab. He reportedly told them he had a credit card but needed to retrieve it. From there, he left the bar (without any crutches) and returned with a credit card a few minutes later that was rejected. Simpson left the bar a second time and returned wearing a full suit and holding a briefcase.

That's when things truly got out of hand as he threatened employees of the bar that "if anyone touched his briefcase, they will die," according to the Daily Mail.

Police arrived on the scene but before they apprehended Simpson, he allegedly broke into a song about his was a "Rainbow Man."

Simpson was arrested and charged with making false bomb threats, petty theft and disorderly conduct. Simpson was set to undergo a psychiatric evaluation before facing a trial.

Talk about a wild story from the past. Can you recall any other memorable stories involving Mainers from years ago?

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