Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, so you can hardly blame people for letting those extra smiles get into their head. Apparently, that was the case at a Burger King in Rockland recently. An unnamed person went into the BK for some lunch and left thinking that perhaps the woman that waited on him had taken a liking to him. He decided to post this in the missed connections section of Maine's Craigslist. 

I stopped by to grab something for lunch on Friday and you waited on me, you smiled at me several times and watched me leave and kept smiling, you’re very cute and I should’ve said some. You are slender with reddish brown hair...I doubt you will see this but maybe someone who knows you to hear from you. Do you remember what I ordered or the color of my jacket? Reach out

If you know anything about the Missed Connections section on CL, this kind of post is fairly common despite its incredibly low success rate. So you could say it was surprising when the poster got a response...from the boyfriend of the woman who works at Burger King. There was no sliding into anyone's DM's, the response was posted on CL for everyone to see. 

"Heather from Burger King is taken. Why wouldn't she be? She's very attractive. You think because she smiles at you that she wants you? That's her job. She smiles at hundreds of guys when she works. Get over yourself."

That's a Whopper of a comeback. Something also tells us McDonald's may have a new customer this Valentine's Day.

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