A man originally from Portland, Maine sent an email to popular site Barstool Sports that suggest the Goodell family still has it in for Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. 

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According to Barstool Sports, a site that has ignited its fair share of controversy surrounding Roger Goodell, a former/current resident of Maine sent an email to them with inside knowledge of the disdain that the entire Goodell family still holds for Tom Brady.

Here's the email sent to Barstool;


I’m about to hit you with some shit that could have blockbuster potential. I’m originally from the Portland, Maine area. My family and I are absolute diehard Pats fans and have been since day one. Absolutely devastated by the lost to keep it simple. Couldn’t sleep last night. Anyways, so today my mom calls me up and drops an absolute bomb on me mid study session. She’s pretty big in the youth soccer world up in Maine and immediately after the game on Sunday had to train a team she is coaching. As she went out to the field, the little girls were putting on their cleats and talking about the game. My mom, still in her jersey, overheard one of the girls saying how happy she was that the Broncos won. That in itself isn’t entirely surprising because dickhead Manning fans exist everywhere. But this little girl continues to go on a rant about how she was so glad Brady wouldn’t be in the Super Bowl because he didn’t deserve it after what he did to Goodell and blah blah blah. Pretty deep shit for a little girl who’s not supposed to care about sports let alone a rift between Brady and Goodell. After practice my mom was going around picking up the balls, and she noticed that one of the balls had the last name Goodell on it and sure enough it belonged to the little girl bashing Brady earlier. Immediately my mom was kind of suspicious but didn’t really think anything of it. So then, she asked the team administrator, a good friend of hers, if the girl had any kind of relation to the Goodell family, since they have ties to Southern Maine and she freaking had a ball with the last name Goodell on it. SURE ENOUGH my mom finds out that this girls Mom is married to Roger’s youngest brother. How ridiculous is that. Roger has been blabbing his mouth about Brady to the entire family that it has trickled down to his freaking step-niece who is now bashing Brady in public. Just an unbelievable example of the lack of professionalism shown by Goodell and his entire family. If anyone needed hard evidence of an inside job I think this is absolutely it.


PS. I wanted to keep names out of it for my Mom’s sake and for the girls…but if you need any proof I’m sure you can look up and see his brother lives in Portland.

We're legitimately at the point here in New England that even the smallest, most marginal sign of something that sounds fishy involving Roger Goodell and his family will make us hungry like a bear that just woke up from hibernation. Barstool said they had no way of confirming this and the truth is, nobody really does. But does that matter? Doesn't this just sound like something that would be 100% true?

Someone get that guy who flew a plane over Scarborough to gas up the plane again. We need to send a message. Maybe there will be another chance encounter between the "free Tom Brady" guy and Goodell at his local Hannaford.

Being bitter one year later never tasted so good. Go Patriots!