Go ahead and blame it on El Niño. This winter in Maine has been anything but ordinary with total snowfall amounts for entire months barely cracking double digits. If that wasn't enough, Maine saw just as many severe rain and wind storms as the state saw significant snowstorms.

We probably should have seen it coming, though. The National Weather Service predicted a 'historically warm' and wet winter for Maine and all of New England back in September. The El Niño effect guided that prediction.

Michael Ver Sprill
Michael Ver Sprill

While forecasters nailed the warmth and rain, many predicted some major snowstorms mixed in as well. With the winter cycle nearly complete, Mother Nature would need to ramp up the snow delivery pretty quickly if that's going to happen. And if you're going to believe the National Weather Service again, you can pretty much say goodbye to snow for this winter.

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The National Weather Service released their long range weather outlook for New England, and it promises warmth mixed with sun and a little bit more warmth on top of that. Of all the regions in the country, Maine ranks only behind Washington state with the highest probability to see 'well above-average' temperatures for March.

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While a 'toasty' spring seems highly likely for all of New England, it may also be followed by a very toasty summer. El Niño kept lawns in Maine greener than ever, but also frustrated locals and visitors who couldn't seem to piece together three consecutive days of sun.

This summer should be more like the ones experienced in 2021 and 2022: lots of sun and heat with a potential lack of precipitation.


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