We've all been cruising along down the Maine Turnpike when someone blows past us on the left. But it's not typical (thankfully) for someone to blow past us in a complete blur. But that's exactly what happened on the Maine Turnpike on June 6th, when they nabbed a driver going 139 miles per hour in a 70 mph zone.

Shared on Instagram by the Maine State Police, they detail the traffic stop as part of their aircraft speed enforcement detail and were shocked when a 64-year-old man named Sang Yook blasted by a state trooper in his BMW. After he was pulled over by police, Yook explained to the officers that he never speeds and that someone had been tailgating him earlier so he decided to separate himself from that situation by increasing his speed.

Yook also got out of his car during the traffic stop and pleaded with troopers to cut him a break. When he refused to return to his vehicle, the troopers were forced to arrest him for criminal speeding. Yook received a fine and 48 hours in jail for going 69 miles per hour over the speed limit.


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