There's an old saying amongst locals that Maine as a state is "just one big small town". For those that have spent their entirety here, that tends to be true. Maine is mostly made up of small towns, from coastal beauties to warm retreats in the mountains.

So when Far and Wide released a new list of the best small towns in America under 10,000 residents, you knew there had to be at least a couple of Maine's gems featured. You could argue that Far + Wide may need to explore Vacationland a little further and add a few more towns to their list.

While it may seem a little predictable to those who live in Maine, Far and Wide directed their love and affection towards two very well-known and highly visited small towns.



Patricia Elaine Thomas
Patricia Elaine Thomas

A town of just over 5,000 residents, Far and Wide ranked Camden #79 on their top 100 list. They noted Camden's peacefulness, even at the height of tourism in the summer. Camden offers spectacular views of the ocean, with postcard-worthy photo ops of its boat-lined harbor seemingly always available.

Aerial view of Camden, Maine harbor in fall from Mount Battie

Camden also offers plenty of shopping and culture. During the summer, there's quaint shops and art galleries to peruse, and during the winter, there's excitement to be had at the Camden Snow Bowl.


Bar Harbor


Another idyllic Maine town of just over 5,000 residents, Bar Harbor ranked #76 on Far and Wide's Top 100. They gushed over everything Bar Harbor offers potential visitors, from world-class photo opportunities to cozy restaurants and cafes.

Bar Harbor Maine town square

Bar Harbor also has plenty of recreation. Boat cruises and beaches in the summer are a must. With Acadia National Park right next door, hiking and biking are available in three seasons. And as some visitors to Bar Harbor have recently discovered, another adorable small town, Stonington, is just a short drive away and worth a visit.


You could argue that Far and Wide may need to explore Vacationland a little further and add a few more towns to their list. If you're curious, Minowi, Nebraska, was named #1 on the top 100 list. It's a town consisting of only one resident, who operates as the mayor, librarian, and bartender for tourists passing through.

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