Defrosting the windshield is definitely a struggle this time of year. Personally, I'm a fan of the remote car starter to make this process a non-issue but apparently when your check engine light is on it renders the remote starter useless.

But I digress...

In a Facebook Post from Waldo County Sherriff's Office from 2017 that's making the rounds once again, one Mainer had a similar problem only instead of being patient, they decided to get creative and stick some candles on their dashboard.

One shouldn't have to say this but, open fire in a vehicle is not a wise choice. Instead, try another defrosting hack.

According to The Telegraph, there are 5 hacks to defrost. Such as pouring lukewarm over your windows--but!!!--make sure it's not boiling. Or using an alcohol and water solution, 1/3 water and 2/3 rubbing alcohol. Pop that in a spray bottle for easy application, or you can buy a de-icer spray. Click here for more detailed tips.

Hang in there, Mainers. Warm weather is on the way. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, or next week or next month, or the next several months...but it's coming! So in the meantime be smart, and keep the candles in the house.

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